Mini bags

Women's mini bags: keep up with the fashion trends of small bags

Our collection of mini bags follows the fashion trends: up to a few years ago the bags sector was made by extra models, those that you can find among our hand or shoulder bags.

In recent years, fashion addicts cannot do without mini-bag models, like our COLOMBINA. You have to choose a bag or small bag to complete your outfit and ride the trend of the moment.

If you choose to buy a mini bag from our range, you are aware of having available a product with quality and aesthetics. Today, like today, small handbags are used in everyday life, precisely because they offer comfort and style.

Our COLOMBINA mini bags are handcrafted in leather and have an embroidered patch. If you know you have to attend a special evening, an event, in addition to the fact that it can also be useful for daily travel, you cannot do without this touch of class.

The colors you can choose are RED, SKY, PINK, BROWN and SAND. They are made of leather and have an embroidered patch, clip closure, 100% cotton lining and strictly MADE in ITALY. It's up to you to choose the mini bag that best suits your taste.

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Mini bags

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