Shoulder bags

Handcrafted shoulder bags for women: choose your style and take it with you

Our MADE in ITALY shoulder bags are made by expert craftsmen who choose, in agreement with the designers, the materials with which to create unique and exclusive items.

The versatility of our models allows you to be elegant and at the same time sure to bring with you a bag that can be used in everyday life. 

Maybe in the past you looked for bags signed online, maybe you bought them without being really convinced, trusting a brand you knew.

If you have been disappointed with your purchase or think that the quality / price ratio has not satisfied you, we suggest you take a look at our proposal.

We have 3 lines of bags made of 3 different fabrics: leather and faux leather bags and canvas bags. In the colors and models, bags RED, GREEN, SKY, PINK, WHITE, BROWN, YELLOW and SAND.

The women's leather handbags are versatile because they give you the opportunity to tighten them with the side cinches placed inside them, making them flexible depending on the use. 

In addition, they have details made of leather, clip closure, coated lining, fabric clutch bag and strictly MADE in ITALY.

The faux leather bags are hand-printed and have leather details, a clip closure, a coated lining and an internal fabric clutch bag.

Our canvas fabric bags have the characteristic of being hyper resistant to tearing. 

The canvas is a material used since antiquity to make external shelters and sails: this makes you understand how reliable and durable over time.

Our women's canvas bags are made of printed fabric that adapts to the contents of the bag: the details are always made of leather, have a zip closure, an inner lining in 100% cotton.

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Shoulder bags

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