Handcrafted handbags for women: different models with a unique style

The handbags are made with skill and care by our artisans, which make the research of the elegant and refined detail, the cornerstone of production.

The "hold in hand" bag combines the vintage style with the modern one: the first bags created by fashion designers in the last century, were produced only in this way. The choice of modern elements such as PVC, used for the realization of the CAPRI model, deliver to our beloved clientele a product that represents the right combination between past and future.

Proudly MADE in ITALY, our CAPRI model is spacious and is a classic, comfortable city bag: allover printed PVC, leather details and the peculiarity of the bamboo handle make the CAPRI model the perfect representation of the pursuit of particularity. You can choose the colors GREEN, SKY, PINK and BLACK.

Our INGRID model is smaller in size and has an embroidered patch, bamboo handle, clip closure, inner cotton lining, inside zip pocket, also strictly MADE in ITALY.

Handcrafted Handbags for women Made in Italy | V73 Shop Online


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